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  • تبلت صنعتی و کنترلر یونی استرانگ UG905تبلت و کنترلر 8 اینچی UniStrong

    تبلت صنعتی و کنترلر یونی استرانگ UG905

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    تبلت صنعتی UniStrong مدل UG905 با سخت افزار قدرتمند و کیفیت ساخت بسیار بالا می تواند به عنوان کنترلر گیرنده های GNSS ایستگاهی و GIS نیز مورد استفاده قرار گیرد. این محصول برخوردار از سیستم عامل آندروید بوده و صفحه نمایش 8 اینچی به همراه باتری بسیار نیرومند آن، همراه توانمندی در انواع محیط های کارگاهی و پروژه های دشوار نقشه برداری خواهد بود.
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UniStrong is a global company that designs and manufactures high-precision products and services for the geospatial marketplace.

Founded in 1994, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

is one of the pioneers in the GNSS, positioning, and timing industries and a leader in the geospatial market.

UniStrong is committed to the strategic vision of being ‘The Leading Provider of High-Precision Professional Products,

Solutions, and Services in the Global Geospatial Marketplace”.

Ahead of its peers, the company has launched the location service platform “China LBS”, the global satellite-based augmentation system platform “Atlas”,

and the high-precision time synchronization system “China Time”.

Along with its brands Hemisphere GNSS and Stonex, this company offers innovative products and services for OEM/ODM (Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer),

machine control & guidance, survey & mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), L-band correction services, marine, field mobile worker, monitoring, and unmanned systems markets.

UniStrong has been a leader in the global navigation market for over 20 years, delivering a full spectrum of products and services along the entire industrial chain, from high-precision core technologies, OEM boards and modules, devices, solutions, and service platforms.

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