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    متر چرخ دار ریختر Standardچرخ متر Standard از شرکت ریشتر

    متر چرخ دار ریچتر Standard

    5,579,000 تومان 4,855,000 تومان
    متر چرخ دار آنالوگ Richter مدل Standard دارای چرخ بزرگ فلزی با روکش پلاستیکی و شمارنده مکانیکی با دقت 0.05 درصد می باشد. کیفیت این محصول آلمانی در حد عالی است.
    نمایش سریع محصول

The company “Friedrich Richter Messwerkzeuge” was founded in 1920 by the  (ریختر)grandfather of the present owner in Eger.

The young enterprise could well develop in the beginning. Already in the twenties and thirties there were made exports within Europe and overseas. Nevertheless, during the Second World War this positive development was interrupted and the company closed.

The restart of the family enterprise after the war began at first in different rented rooms around Speichersdorf. Between 1949 and 1953 then the current head office was built in the center of Speichersdorf. Up to this day, the production takes place solely at this location.

An efficient sales organization in the home country was quickly developed, too, and already in the beginning of the fifties exports could be made again in different countries.

Still today the enterprise is family-owned. Richter products enjoy not only in Germany but all over the world an excellent reputation as quality products. The export in more than 40 countries of the world is a proof for this.

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