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  • نرم افزار نقشه برداری Pythagoras فیثاغورثنرم افزار Pythgoras

    نرم افزار نقشه برداری Pythagoras

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    نرم افزار نقشه برداری Pythagoras (فیثاغورث) ورژن 16.00 راهکاری مقرون به صرفه و پکیجی قدرتمند برای انواع پروژه های نقشه برداری، عمرانی، معدن، پهپاد و ... می باشد. این نرم افزار از ماژول های گوناگونی بنا بر نیاز کاربر بهره می برد.
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Pythagoras focuses on delivering its users the best CAD & GIS experience possible.

In order to accomplish this, we listen to what clients, partners, schools and employees think CAD & GIS software should be able to do.

Supporting a variety of import formats, which form the start of any project. Providing incredibly powerful drawing and calculation tools,

allowing handling of all data types and transforming them into a complete project plan.

A lot of standard export formats ensure the compatibility with all other types of soft- and hardware.

Providing solutions for various industries in an all-in-one package makes Pythagoras truly “360° Compatible”.

Data sets coming from total stations, GPS instruments, laser scanners, mobile mappers, UAV and drones, single and multi beam systems and other CAD and GIS software packages can be handled and processed with ease.

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