TRACKMAKER توسط کمپانی Geo Studio Technology توسعه یافته است که بیش از 10 سال در حیطه صنعت ردیابی GPS فعالیت می کند. TRACKMAKER تمرکز اصلی خود را در تولید نرم افزارهای نقشه برداری برای گیرنده های GPS قرارداده است.

از معروف ترین نرم افزار نقشه برداری تولید این شرکت می توان نرم افزار های :

  • GPS TrackMaker® Free ورژن رایگان
  • GPS TRACKMAKER® PRO ورژن پروفشنال

نرم افزارهای GPS یک نرم افزار ردیابی مجازی است که نقشه ها را رصد می کند و نقاط راه و مسیر ها را با استفاده از اینترنت ایجاد می کند.

About Geo Studio Technology

GPS trackmakerpro has been developed by Geo Studio Technology which has more than 10 years of professional experience in developing GPS tracking software and application in the world of surveying and geomatics.

The most well known software develop by this company are:

  • GPS TrackMaker® Free

Professionals from several countries are using GPS TrackMaker® PRO (Geo Studio Technology) for creating detailed maps from GPS data. The program recognizes more than 160 GPS models from the leading manufacturers. Full integration with Google Earth™ and Google Maps™ allows using free georeferenced satellite images.

GTM PRO®, intended for a portion of users who uses the program professionally, or need area calculation, data transfer to Excel®, and export to AutoCad® ArcView®, and other advanced functions. They are usually companies, engineers, surveyors, legal experts or people who want to use the handheld GPS as an auxiliary tool to more accurate surveys, conducted with theodolites, total station or other topographical precision equipment.